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Goodwall - Community for Students & Professionals

Challenge yourself weekly, celebrate achievements with friends, win prizes & scholarships!

Goodwall - Social networking for students & young professionals
Reach your full potential by joining Goodwall’s diverse community of 1.6m students & young professionals from 150 countries. We’re here to empower you on your learning to earning journey, providing a platform to showcase yourself, connect on shared interests, and discover opportunities, including jobs, internships, scholarships and grants.

We’re making headlines!
As seen in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, TEDx, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, United Nations, World Economic Forum, and more.

Build your personal brand
Showcase your achievements to the student community and the professional world in an interactive and authentic way, define your job objectives, pitch ideas and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Win prizes via themed challenges & programs
Participate in engaging weekly challenges and virtual skills development programs hosted with our partners, where you can win big prizes from cash to exclusive opportunities, scholarships and grants.

Global community of inspiring students & young people
An inclusive, supportive, social networking community, beyond borders, where talent is inspired and empowered to work on maximizing their potential and impact society positively. Perfect for purpose-driven high school students, college undergraduates, university students, apprentices, entrepreneurs, and young professionals.

Our community is full of past students turned into young professionals who will help you build your resume, include the right achievements and find the jobs, gigs and ultimate career path you want. Everyone here was in your place before. They found the best way to achieve their goals and land that dream internship. Now they are ready to support you. There’s never been a better time to start social networking and join our community!

Discover new opportunities, find jobs, internships & scholarships
Connect with people from our student & professional community that previously applied for the same scholarships and find out how they got them.
Meet with people that had a wonderful internship or job in a company you are interested in and ask them to help you apply. Gain valuable work experience.
Find part-time gigs to earn money, or a new job that can set you on the path to a new career.

Don’t miss any news
Social networking with students in the same school, university or college will keep you up to date with all the scholarships and student grants available. Company profiles are also your source for what a company is like behind the scenes, plus events, grants, internship and job opportunities you shouldn’t miss!

What you will find on the Goodwall app:

COMMUNITY: Build a meaningful social networking circle of lifelong professional connections based on common interests, goals, scholarships and ideals, such as social impact, technology, and entrepreneurship. Leverage your contacts to get inspired, join groups, ask and answer questions, chat with industry leaders, express yourself, pitch ideas, earn recognition, acknowledge your peers, and support others as they support you.

PROFILE: Craft a unique online profile to showcase your achievements, skills, and ideas. The student connect network that goes beyond grades, internship experience and previous gigs/work and shows off creative videos and compelling images to universities and employers. It’s the traditional resume rebuilt for the next generation.

OPPORTUNITIES: Discover the perfect career/job opportunity or volunteer assignment personalised for you based on your journey, aspirations, and work interests. We've got your back with 5m job and internship opportunities, $1m in scholarships and awards, and hundreds of courses.

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